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First place for Tellco pkPRO in the 2021 pension fund comparison

First place for Tellco pkPRO in the 2021 pension fund comparison

07.06.2021 |
It’s worth comparing when choosing a pension fund, as shown by the latest Swiss pension fund comparison by the consulting firm Weibel Hess & Partner AG. While full insurance continues to lose importance, providers with semi-autonomous, flexible solutions are the ones gaining the advantage in this dynamic, competitive market. And this is why the offering from Tellco pkPRO comes out on top.
Tellco pkPRO wins mystery shopping
For the 16th time in a row, the renowned Swiss pension fund comparison by Weibel Hess & Partner was published in the SonntagsZeitung newspaper and Finanz & Wirtschaft magazine. The consulting firm analyses various factors of the pension funds, such as capital investments, interest credited, conversion rates, financial ratios and risk and administrative costs. A practical test is also carried out, in which the consulting firm covertly requests offers for various companies and evaluates them. The impressive offering from Tellco pkPRO won first place in the mystery shopping category of the nationwide comparison!
It pays off to tailor solutions to customer needs
What makes Tellco pkPRO stand out from the competition? In short: many years of experience mean this pension expert truly understands the needs of its customers. That’s why Tellco pkPRO offers modern pension solutions with coherent risk tariffs that are cost-effective in terms of administrative costs. Tellco pkPRO also has convincing powers of foresight: the fair conversion rate reduces redistribution and guarantees the long-term viability of the pension fund.
Mystery shopping involves comparing and ranking offers. The premiums were compared with the risk contributions and administrative costs, revealing considerable differences. This proves it’s certainly worth comparing when choosing a pension fund.
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