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Absence notification

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Contact person

This is where you enter the information for the contact person responsible for absence management within the company. This person will be contacted by the Case Manager when necessary. The following fields are mandatory: title, first name, surname, e-mail address and full company name.

Insured person

This is where you enter the details for the insured person who is unable to work. The following fields are mandatory: title, first name and surname.

Type of absence

This is where you enter the reason for absence (illness, accident or pregnancy) and the type of absence (illness: mental illness, back problems, other, unknown; accident: at work or outside of work).
Mental illness
Back problems
Free time


This is where you enter the dates on which the absence begins and ends. For new absences and extensions of absences, Start of absence is a mandatory field. Clicking on one end of an absence causes End of absence to become a mandatory field.

Documents: medical certificate, accident or illness notification, other documents

You can upload up to five documents here, for example, medical certificates, applications for daily sickness benefits, applications under the AIA, or daily allowance statements.

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eCare AG

An experienced team of legal experts and Case Managers is on hand to support you in all matters regarding absences or promoting health in the workplace and to provide assistance with any legal issues concerning employment or insurance.

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