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Your general provider of employee benefits solutions

In addition to our core business, i.e. the management and administration of pension funds, we also offer our clients comprehensive asset management and real estate services as part of our integrated business model. This allows our clients to benefit not only from the subject expertise but also the networks and resources of all our business segments.

Since its establishment in 2002, the Tellco Ltd has been synonymous with the highest quality standards in pension and financial services. We operate proactively and transparently, methodically approach opportunities and risks, and always act in the interests of our clients’ long-term success. With these principles and our ambition to remain at the forefront of innovation and always find the best solution, we have set new benchmarks in the investment and pension market.

Structure and organisation Tellco Ltd

Board of Directors

Dr. Reto Wehrli (President)
Erwin Koller
Bertrand Schott
Daniel Gresch
Eric von Graffenried


Grant Thornton Ltd
Claridenstrasse 35
8002 Zurich

Internal Auditors

Schiffbaustrasse 2
8031 Zürich

Supervisory authority

Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA)

Commercial register

Company no. CHE-103.452.184

Management Tellco Ltd

Manfred Villiger
Chief Executive Officer

Manuela Albisetti
Chief Market Officer

Christoph Wiederkehr
Chief Financial Officer

Milestones in our success story

Founding of Tellco Pension 1e Foundation
Tellco Pension Ltd and the Dominick Company Ltd private bank merge to become Tellco Ltd - the Swiss pensions bank.
Tellco Asset Management Ltd, Tellco Real Estate Ltd and Tellco Pension Services Ltd merge and operate under the joint umbrella of Tellco Pension Ltd with its registered office in Schwyz.
Establishment of Tellco pkFLEX (collective occupational pension foundation).
Change of name to include the Tellco brand for all Group companies.
Takeover of IG Pensionskasse GmbH by SWIAR Holding AG, integration of Pension Fund Engineers AG and Project Engineering GmbH.
Establishment of Pension Fund Engineers AG.
Establishment of Swiss Immo Services AG and Investment Foundation Rigi; Swiss Asset & Risk Management AG becomes SWIAR Holding AG; Swiss Asset & Risk Management AG is established as a new company.
Establishment of Project Engineering GmbH; establishment of Vested Benefits Foundation pro.
Establishment of Swiss Portfolio Management AG; change of name to Swiss Asset & Risk Management AG; establishment of IG Pensionskasse GmbH and Tellco pkPRO.

Tellco Investment Foundation — Structure and organisation

Tellco Vested Benefits Foundation — Structure and organisation

Tellco Pension Solutions 1e — Structure and organisation

Tellco pkFLEX — Structure and organisation

Tellco pkPRO — Structure and organisation

Corporate governance

The Tellco Ltd is committed to conducting its affairs and its relationships with its important stakeholder groups in an open and transparent manner. Tellco Ltd therefore applies a corporate governance policy that meets the demands of its activities and business philosophy. All companies of the Tellco Ltd comply with the corporate governance principles set out in the Swiss Code of Best Practice issued by economiesuisse, the watchdog of the Swiss economy. All Tellco Ltd companies also observe the relevant codes of conduct for their business sector.

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