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Tellco’s investment funds are generally available to all Swiss and European pension funds as well as to qualified private investors.


The information on the investment companies contained on this website is not addressed to specific individuals but rather to a general readership who are interested in funds, among other things, and who live in a country where the investment companies are licensed to operate.


The Tellco funds may only be sold in the following countries:

  • Tellco Classic - Swiss Equities (Switzerland)
  • Tellco Classic II - Global Equities (Switzerland)
  • Tellco Classic - Best Idea AtonRâ (Switzerland)
  • Tellco Classic - Bonds CHF (Switzerland)
  • Tellco Classic - Bonds in foreign currency (Switzerland)
  • Tellco Classic II Strategy Low-Risk (Switzerland)
  • Tellco Classic II Strategy 10 (Switzerland)
  • Tellco Classic II Strategy 25 (Switzerland)
  • Tellco Classic II Strategy 45 (Switzerland)
  • Tellco Classic II Strategy 100 (Switzerland)

The information on funds provided on this website constitutes neither an offer nor an invitation to make an offer in a country where such an offer or invitation to make an offer is against the law or where the person who issues such an offer or invitation to make an offer does not have the authorisation to do so.


It is also not addressed to persons to whom such an offer or invitation to make an offer may not be issued by law.


As the Tellco funds are currently not registered under the US Securities Act of 1933 or the US Investment Act of 1940, Tellco fund units may in particular not be sold, offered or delivered in the US to investors domiciled in the US or to US citizens.


The information provided does not under any circumstances constitute recommendations for investments. Investments should only be made in units issued by investment companies after making a careful study of the latest product-specific documentation and obtaining qualified advice. All documentation, including prospectuses and annual and interim reports, can be ordered free of charge from VP Fund Solutions (Liechtenstein) AG, Aeulestrasse 6, LI-9490 Vaduz or 1741 Fund Solutions AG, Bangarten 10, LI-9490 Vaduz.

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