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We provide private and corporate clients worldwide with comprehensive banking services in the fields of asset management and investment advice. As a financial services provider of integrated asset management, we add value by applying internal and external expertise to the implementation of solutions tailored to our client’s individual requirements.


Up to date and tailor-made

Our focus is on risk-conscious, active asset management, founded on our clients’ individual desires and requirements. We perform a continuous and systematic analysis of the macroeconomic environment, a variety of markets and selected companies and solutions. The aim is to offer our clients timely recommendations for their portfolios and the capacity to implement them, if desired. We strongly emphasise investment diversification, both in terms of investment products and of markets and their associated currencies. We place a high degree of importance on fiscal issues in asset management, with the aim of ensuring that success will be sustainable.


Holistic and proactive

We make every effort to offer our clients holistic solutions. To do so, we analyse and understand our clients’ risk profiles and requirements and use this as the basis for recommending a tailored investment strategy. Before the selected strategy is implemented, we evaluate the tax implications and optimisation opportunities, and carry out any other research the client may request. The personal client adviser is the point of contact for all services.



It is our firm conviction that delivering strong results is due to more than just advanced systems; what matters much more is the expertise, experience and reliability of the employees. The majority of our management team and client advisers can call on over 25 years of experience in working with private clients or in investment banking. The cornerstones of our approach are professional service and long-term client relationships. And we provide you with personal support.

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