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How the pension fund supports your family members?

07.01.2020 |
As an active employee, you pay contributions to the pension fund every month over many years. This is to cover your pension after retirement, but also for the event that something happens to you. Do you know what benefits you and your family members can expect to receive from your pension fund?

Additional pillar 2 benefits: Save on your tax bill by making purchases

29.10.2019 |
Purchasing additional pension benefits reduce your tax bill and improve your old-age benefits. There are many advantages. What do you have to consider?

Required reading for the Eidgenössisches: the Tellco ABC of Swiss Wrestling

25.07.2019 |
Tellco Ltd is supporting the Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Festival 2019 in Zug as a partner and gift donor and releasing a guide to Swiss wrestling.

Win tickets to the Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Festival

21.06.2019 |
Tellco Ltd is proud to support the Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Festival 2019 in Zug as a partner and gift donor.

2019 pension fund comparison: Tellco pkPRO recognised for low administrative costs and risk contributions per capita

11.06.2019 |
Low administrative costs at Tellco pkPRO noted in 2019 pension fund comparison

Tellco at the Coverfestival in Davos

01.04.2019 |
Tellco Ltd supports the Coverfestival in Davos as the event’s main sponsor. It was a great success and enjoyed record-breaking numbers of visitors.

Tellco investment funds: investing according to the highest standards

12.12.2018 |
With Tellco Ltd, investors can invest in the investment foundation and investment funds, including the new Tellco Classic Best Idea AtonRâ fund.

Our apprentices can experience and shape our day-to-day work at Tellco

14.11.2018 |
Apprenticeships at Tellco Ltd: in-depth training with a future

OPA minimum interest rate to remain at 1%

07.11.2018 |
It has been announced that during the meeting of the Federal Council on 7 November 2018, the decision was made to keep the OPA minimum interest rate at 1%.

Pension fund contributions: both types in brief

19.09.2018 |
There are two types of pension fund contributions: mandatory and non-mandatory. How do they differ?
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