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Life changes, and so does the professional and financial situation of each individual. The Tellco Vested Benefits Foundation supports people who change their jobs or move abroad or who would like to buy owner-occupied residential property or take up self-employment in all matters related to the concept of individual retirement savings.

It offers you the option to either invest your vested benefits in an account or in securities, whether passively or actively managed. It is the only vested benefits foundation to have made it possible for its clients to independently manage their assets in compliance with their personal risk profile. This gives our clients a unique measure of freedom when it comes to their individual retirement savings plans.

The services offered by the Tellco Vested Benefits Foundation are also attractive to employers, sales partners and external asset managers. We are confident that our services will meet all your needs!

Terms of vested benefits account (according to cost regulations as of 01.01.2019)
Current interest rate 0.1% p.a.
Account servicing free of charge
Account closing free of charge
Pledge for residential property* CHF 200
Advance withdrawal to finance
residential property in Switzerland*
CHF 400
Advance withdrawal to finance residential property abroad* CHF 600
Payout with withholding tax certificate CHF 600
*Promotion of home ownership (WEF)

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