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Making provision, just in case

Private individuals who before retirement age stop working and take up self-employment, move abroad, interrupt their career to have children, start studying or continue their education or no longer work outside the house can open an account and custody account with the Tellco Vested Benefits Foundation.

Account solution

The Tellco Vested Benefits Foundation makes it possible for you to invest your vested benefits safely and profitably, either in the long term or temporarily. You can benefit from preferential interest rates without having to accept any investment risks. Naturally you can also use your assets or part thereof to finance owner-occupied residential property. In addition, you benefit from attractive tax conditions in the case of a payout when domiciled abroad. In the event of insolvency, vested benefits up to the amount of CHF 100,000 are considered to be privileged assets and are allocated to Class 2 in the schedule of claims.

Securities solution

In addition to the account solution, the Tellco Vested Benefits Foundation also gives you the option of investing your vested benefits in securities. The vested benefits may only be invested in collective investment schemes licensed for sale in Switzerland by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

The Tellco Vested Benefits Foundation offers six different strategy funds with equity weightings between 0% and 100% to suit the full range of investor profiles. These funds all have a very efficient risk/return profile and are up to 50% cheaper than comparable investment solutions from other vested benefit foundations.

Our Tellco Classic securities solutions (core)


Third-party funds for individual custody accounts

Insured persons with vested benefits of CHF 500,000.00 or more also have the opportunity, in addition to the standard solutions using Tellco Classic strategy funds, either to manage their vested benefits custody account themselves using collective investment instruments (ETFs, funds, investment foundations) or to allow an asset manager to do so.

In the various asset classes our customer may chose - amongst others - from the following collective investments in order to build their respective portfolios:
  • Swiss equities
  • Global equities
  • Equities Emerging Markets
  • CHF bonds
  • Global Bonds
  • Alternative Investments
  • Strategie Fonds
  • Real estate
  • Geldmarkt
  • Convertible bonds

Moving abroad

Are your vested benefits subject to withholding tax? How can this tax be optimised? And what part of the funds can be withdrawn, and when? We know the answers to all these questions and would be happy to help you further. Take advantage of the comprehensive and efficient transaction services offered by the Tellco Vested Benefits Foundation.

Cash payment or transfer

There are various prerequisites in the Swiss pension system under which you may have your vested benefits paid out (early on) as a lump sum. These include taking up self-employment, the purchase of owner-occupied residential property, moving to another country or reaching retirement age.

We would be happy to provide you with information on these and other situations in which you are entitled to withdraw your vested benefits. We can also help you if you are returning to working life and wish to transfer your vested benefits to the pension fund of your new employer, or if you should prefer a different vested benefits institution, for whatever reasons.

Promotion of home ownership

Under the promotion of home ownership scheme (WEF) you can use your pension fund assets to finance the purchase of owner-occupied residential property or repay outstanding mortgages. You cannot, however, always use all of your vested benefits. We would be happy to explain the rules to you and inform you of the options for tax optimisation.

Changing the order of beneficiaries in the event of death

If an insured person dies before retirement and no survivor’s pension falls due, the accrued vested benefits are paid out. The beneficiaries entitled to this payment have been clearly defined – independent of inheritance law. The Tellco Vested Benefits Foundation allows you to stipulate in writing the amounts to be paid to each of the beneficiaries and to extend the group of beneficiaries.

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