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Making provision for your retirement means accepting responsibility for your future

Pension funds have to cope with an ever more complex and challenging environment, both in terms of the regulatory framework and the challenges posed by new organisational and investment requirements. The burden of responsibility is growing – and with it the need for external service providers who are au fait with all aspects of the current system of employee benefits insurance.

An external management team is of benefit not only to the insured, but also to the governing bodies of the foundation. The specialists of Tellco Ltd, for example, can take on the pension fund’s operational and management tasks, thus guaranteeing efficient and effective action, while the pension fund’s senior governing body can retain its powers to take strategic decisions while still carrying the overall responsibility.
Tellco Ltd does not only serve as a manager of pension funds. Its service portfolio also includes expert opinions and analyses of external institutions as well as administrative, accounting, legal and technical services. We see ourselves as a competent advisor in all matters concerning employee benefits insurance.
Take advantage of our specialist knowledge and expertise and delegate your operational, administrative and technical tasks to our specialists. This will give you access to a better quality service and improved operational efficiency, which will also benefit your funding ratio.


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