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Occupational pensions (OPA) – The right solution for every company

Responsible companies care greatly about the future of their employees. The structure of the occupational pension scheme is key – as is the decision on the right pension fund or OPA solution.

Tellco pkPRO – The secure solution for SMEs of all sizes and in all sectors

Tellco pkPRO is one of Switzerland’s leading independent occupational pension foundations. Tellco pkPRO is ideally suited for all SMEs that value security, customised pension plans and efficient administration.

Tellco pkFLEX – The self-defined solution for companies with 50 or more employees

As a semi-autonomous collective foundation, Tellco pkFLEX provides companies with the tools to manage their “own pension funds” under the umbrella of Tellco pkFLEX. In doing so, the pension provider defined by the company and managed by an equal number of employer and employee representatives decides on many key parameters.

Tellco Pension 1e – The individual and flexible solution for senior management employees

1e plans make occupational pensions more attractive – for both the policyholders and for the companies. Companies manage their individualised management pension scheme under the roof of the Tellco Pension Solutions 1e foundation.

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