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About Tellco pension solutions 1e

Tellco pension solutions 1e is a semi-autonomous collective foundation for non-mandatory occupational pension provision in accordance with Article 1e of the OPO 2. It provides companies with the opportunity to manage their individualised management pension plans under the umbrella of Tellco pension solutions 1e. With Tellco pension solutions 1e, companies and their management employees gain access to a cost-efficient and diverse management pension institution for salary components above CHF 127,980.00.
The company must have a signed affiliation agreement for the pension solution.

Custody account:                           
Tellco pension solutions 1e maintains a custody account for each policyholder.

Investment strategies:                
1e pension plans offer policyholders customised investment strategies in the non-mandatory part of the second pillar depending on their personal return objectives and individual risk tolerance. The Tellco pension solutions 1e offering includes at least one low-risk strategy.

The individualised investment of assets allows the policyholders to generate higher investment returns over the medium to long term than would be the case with independent collective-foundation and full-insurance models.

Investment risk:                             
Investment risk is borne by the policyholders themselves. Upon leaving the pension fund, the effective cash balance of the custody account is transferred to the subsequent pension institution – or to the policyholder in the event of a cash disbursement.

Death and disability:                   
The risks of death and disability are reinsured congruently with an insurance company.

The pension fund commission selected by the affiliate defines the pension plan, specifies the contribution amounts and makes decisions regarding the investment strategies made available. Companies can subsequently participate in the decisions relating to the investment strategies and benefits specified for the policyholders.


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