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Tellco pension solutions 1e offers companies an attractive and cost-efficient pension solution for their management employees. This allows companies to reduce their workload and risks and increase their own level of attractiveness among their valuable employees, who in turn benefit from greater return opportunities and investment autonomy.
Less risk:                                            
Employers remain independent of the other companies affiliated to Tellco pension solutions 1e and do not bear any third-party risks in their 1e solution. As the insured employees bear their own investment risks, companies are exempt from joint and several liability and restructuring obligations.

Less work:                                         
If the company prepares its accounts in accordance with international accounting standards (e.g. pursuant to IAS 19), the balance sheet is relieved with Tellco pension solutions 1e. Pension obligations are reduced, as no interest or capital guarantee is provided for the pension assets. This relieving of the balance sheet increases the return on capital.

More attractive:                             
A 1e solution represents an interesting and modern solution for employees. This makes the company more attractive as an employer, in turn making it easier to find the best talent.

Fewer costs:                                     
Tellco Pension 1e has concluded an interesting reinsurance contract for the insured risks and can therefore offer special conditions for the risks of death and disability: companies benefit from cost-efficient pension provision. You can also transfer over your own reinsurance contract.

Greater flexibility:                        
The current pension fund for basic pension provision for salary components of up to CHF 127,980.00 can remain unchanged. In the non-mandatory area, Tellco pension solutions 1e can be utilised as an additional pension solution for the higher salary components.

More benefits:                                 
If the pension fund, together with the persons insured in Tellco Pension 1e, implements its basic insurance within Tellco pkPRO, then the regular contributions to administrative costs will be reduced by 50% for each insured person in Tellco pension solutions 1e.

Greater independence:              
You put together the benefits plan (savings contributions, risk benefits in the event of disability and death) together with the employee representatives. Tellco pension solutions 1e offers all pension funds standardised investment solutions. Thanks to our independence, companies can select their investments freely and adjust the strategies in line with their individual needs. The personal representative at Tellco Ltd will be happy to provide support. 


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