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Management employees

With Tellco pension solutions 1e, management employees with salaries of CHF 127,980.00 and above are provided with attractive pension solutions in the non-mandatory area of occupational pension provision via their employer.
Greater returns:                             
Thanks to the selection of a customised investment strategy for salary components above CHF 127,980.00, policyholders benefit from attractive return opportunities.

Investment strategies:                
Employers can offer policyholders up to 10 investment strategies. At least one of the strategies must be a very low-risk strategy (money market investments, bonds). Thanks to the independence of Tellco pension solutions 1e, employers can select their investments freely and adjust the strategies in line with their individual needs. It is also possible to change investment strategy free of charge: a switch can be made at the beginning of each quarter, using a form or directly online.

More or less risk:                           
A low-risk investment strategy is available for which price fluctuations are reduced. All policyholders are managed under this low-risk investment strategy until they have provided a risk assessment and opted for a different investment strategy.

More autonomy:                           
In Tellco pension solutions 1e, policyholders define their investment strategy themselves in line with their needs. They benefit from a tailored solution and can generate a higher return over the long term.

Greater pension provision:        
The pension assets are also protected against redistribution in Tellco pension solutions 1e. All savings contributions are credited to the personal account and are invested in accordance with the selected investment strategy. The pension assets can also be increased with voluntary buy-ins.

Lower taxes:                                    
Voluntary buy-ins into the occupational pension plan can be deducted from the policyholder’s taxable income. With supplementary pension provision, it is possible to create additional purchasing potential. Policyholders can enquire to Tellco pension solutions 1e about just how great the purchasing potential is. The income and dividend payments are also exempt from income tax.

Early withdrawal:                          
An early lump-sum withdrawal is possible for the financing of property or upon taking up self-employment.


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