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The step-by-step approach to success

On your instructions we design and develop successful strategies for maintaining and improving real estate values while coordinating all business, commercial, technical and infrastructure real estate management processes. In doing so we focus our actions and thoughts on sustainability in a manner that meets the demands of the future. We would be delighted to help you with the long-term and value-centric management of your real estate portfolio.

Portfolio management

The purchase as well as the sale of a property can be measured financially and expressed in figures, but such a transaction also has a personal and emotional component. Thanks to our many years of market experience, we manage your portfolio to take account of both these aspects.

Marketing and referral

Do you need professional support to sell or market a property? Thanks to our many years of multi-faceted experience in the market we have the network you need for a competent, discreet and time-saving sale of your property. Our relationships with solid, creditworthy partners and clients in the region allow us to handle most of the marketing work and referrals within our own network.

The same benefits apply if you wish to buy or rent a property. You can find our list of currently available properties here.


For us, managing an investment property is comparable to managing a company. We have to constantly observe, analyse and manage the most diverse of success factors. We apply value preserving and value enhancing measures, a first-class client service and professional management in accordance with business principles to ensure that your real estate investment is a successful business venture in the long term.

Our services comprise the following:

  • Commercial and technical property management
  • Comprehensive tenant support
  • Annual and multi-year budgets
  • Market analysis to ensure optimised rent and income trends
  • Analysis of measures to enhance operational efficiency (modernisation, reduction in operating costs, etc.)
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