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Structure and organisation

Board of trustees

Luc Meier, Allmedingen (President) 2009 – 2021
Christa Janjic-Marti, Rapperswil-Jona 2010 – 2021
Markus Staubli, Maur 2012 – 2021
Gilbert Huber, Zurich 2019 – 2021


Tellco Ltd, Schwyz, Jürg Risch

Real estate portfolio management:

Tellco AG, Schwyz, Roman Wiget

Real estate management and administration

Tellco Real Estate Ltd., Baar, Cengizhan Ari


Grant Thornton Ltd, Claridenstrasse 35, 8002 Zürich

Supervisory authority

Occupational Pension Supervisory Committee (OAK BV), Berne

Commercial register

Company no. CH-

Corporate governance

The business processes of the Tellco Investment Foundation have been described in detail in various regulations and directives. All processes are audited by the internal auditors and independent external auditors as well as the investment controller. The people entrusted with the management and asset management are subject to the quality assurance guidelines of the Conference of Managers of Investment Foundations (KGAST). The competent Occupational Pension Supervisory Committee (OAK BV) in consultation with the external auditors also checks the management and asset management practices.

Risk management

Investment philosophy

Global portfolios are actively managed in accordance with the conviction that the benchmark can be outperformed in risk-adjusted terms with well-considered, systematic information processing and consistent portfolio structures.

Investment approach

Our investments are regularly screened, analysed in terms of fundamentals, technical issues and portfolio optimisation measures, and monitored for risk and performance.

Risk management process

In addition to the generally applicable principle of dual control, the Tellco Investment Foundation also introduced an independent risk management process. The superordinate goals of this process include, among others, the securing of consistent compliance with internal and external guidelines, the avoidance of risks that cannot be calculated, and the establishment of an early warning system, both for risks and for compliance violations.

Investment Controlling

An independent external investment controller ensures permanent compliance with all regulations, directives and investment guidelines.

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