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Swiss Real Estate strategy

What do we invest in?

The Swiss Real Estate investment group mainly invests in residential property. The real estate portfolio’s total component of business premises may not exceed 35%.

Where do we invest?

We focus on the urban metropolitan areas of Zurich, Basel, Berne, Geneva, Lausanne and Central Switzerland and their conurbations. We only invest by way of exception in regions that are less developed in economic terms.

How do we invest?

The quality criteria used to select our real estate include, among others, geographic location, condition of the property, quality of construction and therefore potential, an evenly balanced list of tenants and the level of rents. We also make sure that the property is not entered in the register of potentially contaminated sites.

We also only acquire properties worth more than CHF 2 million and never invest more than 15% of our net assets in a single property. The borrowed capital may not exceed 30% of the market value.

Tellco AST Swiss Real Estate
Tellco AST Swiss Real Estate
Tellco AST Swiss Real Estate
Tellco AST Swiss Real Estate
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Our properties

Here you can find a regularly updated overview of our properties:

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