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An independent pension fund with its own balance sheet and operating account is set up for each of the affiliated companies. The funding ratio is reported separately for each pension fund.

The pension fund commission appointed by the company defines the pension plan, determines the amount of the contributions, and decides on the investment strategy and the interest paid on retirement assets.

Pension fund

On affiliation, Tellco pkFLEX establishes a separate and individual pension fund for each company. This pension fund is managed by an equal number of employer and employee representatives.

The pension fund adopts the pension plan and investment strategy, elects the asset manager, if any, decides on the interest rate that applies to the retirement assets, determines the amount of the contributions, disseminates information to the insured, and implements the measures required to eliminate any funding deficiency.

Entscheidungsprotokoll (PDF)

Pensioner portfolios

Tellco pkFLEX is the only pension institution in Switzerland that offers three options for the management of your pensioner portfolios. You decide whether you wish to transfer your portfolio to Tellco pkFLEX’s pension pool, manage it as part of your own pension fund, or transfer it to another pension institution. We are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of all solutions and would be happy to advise you during a personal meeting.

Transfer to Tellco pkFLEX’s pension pool

  • The pensioners are transferred on the basis of a clearly defined actuarial table (currently BVG2015 2.0% plus 0.5% premium per year)
  • The pension fund is relieved of the burden of a portfolio of pensioners who do not have to pay any contributions
  • The (large) pension pool allows better diversification of the investments
  • All pension funds who have assigned pensioner portfolios to the pension pool share in the obligation to restructure the pool if the funding ratio should drop to 90%
  • The pension fund benefits from the stabilisation of its funding ratio

Managed in pension fund - Advantages

  • The reserves are accrued in the pension fund (according to the pension actuary’s actuarial tables)
  • Pensions can be increased on an individual basis

Transfer to another employee benefits institution/insurance company - Advantages

  • The transfer is done at a one-off, fixed price (no restructuring obligation)
  • The pension fund is relieved of the burden of a portfolio of pensioners who do not have to pay any contributions

Associations and cooperatives

Tellco pkFLEX offers affiliated professional associations, interest groups and other cooperatives the opportunity to take advantage of all the synergies associated with providing employee benefits insurance to a cooperative. Tellco pkFLEX offers customised pension solutions, including solutions that take account of collective labour agreements, with flexible investment strategies that offer individual advantages to the insured. Avail yourself of the freedom of design and clear-cut advantages offered by a Tellco pkFLEX pension solution. Our specialists would be happy to advise you.

Asset managers

Tellco pkFLEX offers institutions subject to FINMA supervision the opportunity to manage the retirement assets of their clients themselves. The investment vehicles that are available include Tellco’s pool investments, strategy funds, single funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and investment groups of Swiss investment foundations. We trust that asset managers will comply with the statutory and regulatory guidelines in managing the pension assets. For our part we guarantee that you can rely fully and totally on our expertise and experience in all pension-related issues and the processing of securities transactions.

Would you like us to prepare a proposal for you? If so, please call us on +41 58 442 61 00. We will briefly explain to you which information and data we need in order to prepare a non-binding proposal for you. You can, of course, also contact us by e-mail at . We answer all enquiries within 24 hours. Tellco pkFLEX insures entrepreneurs and their employees. You get customised pension solutions for you and your employees – at fair conditions.

Would you like to be one of our sales partners? We look forward to hearing from you. At the Tellco Ltd you will experience competence and flexibility. We offer excellent service quality, comprehensive information and sales support.

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