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Fair, progressive, flexible

Tellco pkPRO positions itself in the market as a flexible, innovative, efficient and low-cost collective foundation. Since its establishment in 2002, more than 9'000 companies and around 77'000 employees have affiliated with Tellco pkPRO as their employee benefits insurance partner. This makes Tellco pkPRO one of the largest independent collective foundations in Switzerland. Tellco pkPRO offers pension benefits that exceed the statutory minimum and are tailor-made to meet the individual needs of its insured at fair conditions.

Board of trustees

Employer representatives

Term of office

Thomas Kopp, Lucerne (vice president) 01.01.2010 – 31.12.2024
Pierre Christen, Veyrier 01.01.2016 – 31.12.2024
Florence Biner, Zollikon  01.01.2021 – 31.12.2024

Employee representatives

Peter Hofmann, Geneva (president) 01.06.2005 – 31.12.2024
Roland Walker, Weggis 01.07.2020 – 31.12.2024
Daniel Andermatt, Holzhäusern 01.01.2016 – 31.12.2024


eCare Ltd, Schwyz


Ernst & Young AG, Zurich, Patrick Schuler 

Pension actuary

Dipeka AG, Zurich, Urs Burch

Supervisory authority

Central Switzerland BVG and Foundation Supervision (ZBSA)

Commercial register company no.


Banking details

CH-6301 Zug
IBAN: CH66 0027 3273 2614 01M1 Y

Via the post office

CH-8098 Zurich
PC 80-2-2
IBAN: CH66 0027 3273 2614 01M1 Y

For payments from abroad



Tellco pkPRO
Bahnhofstrasse 4
CH-6430 Schwyz

Corporate Governance

With its commitment to transparency, Tellco pkPRO is setting new standards for occupational pensions. It is consequently standard practice for us to describe all business processes in detail in corresponding regulations and directives. All processes are audited by internal auditors and independent external auditors, as well as by the investment controller. The people entrusted with management and asset management are subject to the charter of the Swiss Pension Fund Association ASIP. The competent OPA and trust fund supervisory board for Central Switzerland (Zentralschweizer BVG- und Stiftungsaufsicht, ZBSA), in consultation with the external auditors, also monitors the management and asset management practices.

From 1 January 2015, all pension funds have been obligated to meet certain voting and disclosure obligations concerning directly held shares of Swiss public companies listed on the stock exchange. They are also obligated to report to the insured parties regarding how they exercised their votes (agenda and distribution of votes).

As Tellco pkPRO does not directly hold any shares, it cannot exercise any voting rights. With this report, however, it complies with the voting and disclosure obligations of Article 23 of the Ordinance against excessive compensation in listed stock companies (VegüV).

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