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Small and medium-sized Swiss companies (SMEs) can insure their employees with Tellco pkPRO against the financial consequences of old age, disability and death. With our flexible pension models, we can design customised pension plans. Our specialists can also advise you on all questions relating to employee benefits insurance.

Tellco pkPRO relieves you of all the work that needs to be done when you set up and establish your own pension fund. We handle everything, from management, technical administration and legal issues to the appointment of pension actuaries and auditors. For risk assessment we rely on the tried-and-tested rate system used by our reinsurance partner, Mobiliar.

We would also be happy to help your employees plan their individual pension provision and answer questions on advance withdrawals or the appointment of beneficiaries. Don’t wait, contact us today!

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Temporary employment agencies

Tellco pkPRO has also proved itself to be a reliable partner to temporary employment agencies. We handle the employee benefits insurance for more than 400 employment agencies in keeping with our motto: your job is not forever, but our pension cover is for life.

As we calculate the coordination deduction for temporary employment agencies and their insured on the basis of the hourly wage, all temporary employees are insured from the first hour in which they work. The other benefits offered by Tellco pkPRO include monthly statements of the actual hours worked as well as monthly electronic lists of temporary employees. Another important benefit for the insured is that the de facto partner is also entitled to a survivors’ pension in the event of death.

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Associations and cooperatives

Tellco pkPRO offers affiliated professional associations, interest groups and other cooperatives the opportunity to take advantage of all the synergies associated with providing employee benefits insurance to a cooperative. Tellco pkPRO also offers customised pension solutions for collective labour agreements that offer individual advantages to the insured. Avail yourself of the freedom of design and clear-cut advantages offered by a pension solution by Tellco pkPRO. Our specialists would be happy to advise you.

Here you will find a list of all the associations that rely on the services offered by Tellco pkPRO while still retaining their independence.

Would you like us to prepare a proposal for you? If so, please call us on +41 58 442 50 00. We will briefly explain to you which information and data we need in order to prepare an non-binding proposal for you. You can, of course, also contact us by e-mail at We will always respond to your request to take up contact with you within 24 hours. Tellco pkPRO insures entrepreneurs and their employees. You get customized pension solutions for you and your employees – at fair conditions.

Would you like to be one of our sales partners? We look forward to hearing from you. At the Tellco Ltd you will experience competence and flexibility. We offer excellent service quality, comprehensive information and sales support.

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