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Customised 1e management pension plans

Tellco pension solutions 1e supports companies that want to offer their high-earning employees especially attractive pension options. It is a semi-autonomous collective foundation. As part of non-mandatory occupational pension provision, companies manage their individualised management pension plans under the umbrella of Tellco pension solutions 1e. They co-determine the investment strategies and benefits for the policyholders. The 1e plans for salaries from CHF 129,060.00 are just as attractive for employers as they are for the insured employees.
As employers, companies are relieved of the task of preparing accounts in accordance with IAS 19. Because the investment risk is borne by the policyholders, the companies are also no longer exposed to the risks of joint and several liability and a restructuring obligation. Furthermore, attractive pension solutions make them more attractive as an employer. Employees benefit from investment strategies that can be selected in line with their individual needs, offering attractive return opportunities over the medium to long term. Should an employee leave, the effective value of the pension assets is guaranteed: The policyholder will bear the potential investment losses but also benefit from any gains in full.


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