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An attractive securities solution

The Tellco Vested Benefits Foundation specialises in individual retirement saving. Its products are aimed at private individuals whose personal or professional situation is changing. In addition to an account solution, the Tellco Vested Benefits Foundation also provides an option of managing assets via securities.

The Tellco Vested Benefits Foundation is one of the first pension institutions to create the necessary conditions for its clients to manage their assets independently within the boundaries of their risk profile, or have them managed as part of an asset management mandate.

The advantages at a glance

Our investment strategies
(Core satellite strategy)
  Flexible and simple
Our supplementary funds allow you to choose from five differently weighted Tellco investment strategies, each with a different tactical emphasis based on  your investor profile.   Open an account in just a few minutes. Thanks to our straightforward application process, you can also easily transfer existing vested benefits to us – we are happy to help.
A high level of financial security   Withholding tax benefits
Tellco Ltd manages over CHF 7.9 billion in pension assets on behalf of its clients. The private pension assets held in securities are regarded as special assets and are fully protected in the event of insolvency on the part of the Tellco Vested Benefits Foundation.   The insured who move away from Switzerland on a permanent basis benefit from the fact that the Tellco Vested Benefits Foundation has its registered office in the canton of Schwyz. The withholding tax that becomes due upon payment of the pension capital is payable in the pension fund’s canton of domicile. Here, a key consideration is that the canton of Schwyz has by far the lowest tax rate.

Terms of vested benefits account

 (according to cost regulations as of 01.01.2020)

Current interest rate 0.1% p.a.
Account servicing free of charge
Account closing free of charge
Pledge for residential property* CHF 200
Advance withdrawal to finance
residential property in Switzerland*
CHF 400
Advance withdrawal to finance residential property abroad* CHF 600
Payout with withholding tax certificate CHF 600
*Promotion of home ownership (WEF)

Occupational pension benefits made easy. Open an account today and take advantage of all the great features.

Use our web app ePlix to get started with your occupational pension benefits right away – it’s a simple online process that involves no paperwork at all. Your account will be set up and ready for your pension plans in just a few minutes.

It’s really that simple

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